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Welcome, spring!


It's not spring in our town until the daffodils are bursting into bloom.

The nice ladies (and yes, they are all ladies) from the Garden Club spent several seasons planting bulbs in the patch of wet land between the old garden and the hayfield. You can see pear trees right behind the daffodils, small and spindly. Toward the end of the summer (summer is short here in New England! August is the end of summer!) you will see those skinny pear trees bending under the weight of their pears.

Meanwhile, below, you can see one of the very old apple trees from the original orchard, off in the back toward the right. One by one they've been cut down because they are finally rotten to the core and too dangerous to leave standing. We've replaced them with two full-size trees in the front of the house, but I miss the days where the old orchard was in full bloom, and later in the summer, when they began to bear sour, wormy fruit.

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