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Monthly Writing Update

July 2020

I'm hard at work on a novella that I started in January. Yes, January!

If you're on my list, you've already heard about it. It has a temporary name, “Charlie.” And it was intended to be a short story. But as we plunged forward into coronavirus sheltering-at-home, my concentration wasn't very good, to say the least. It was slow going. And it's not quite finished because over time it grew into a novella. I'm almost done, though. I'm hoping to get it out within a week or two (I know, I know, I keep saying that–honestly, I'm working really hard to make this happen). The cover is almost done, and I've got the title lined up. At this point, it needs tweaking, editing, and formatting, before I can release it to the world.

What's it about? Well, if you've read my second novel, Coming Home to Greenleigh, you'll recognize Beth Burnham, the main character in my small-town romance. Only this time we're back in 1995, when she's fifteen years old and trying to grapple with her father's death and her mother's unhappiness and descent into depression. “Charlie” is the name of a long-dead relative, whom she meets out in her woodshed.

I don't normally write stories with paranormal elements in them, but this idea popped into my head one day when I was out in the woodshed, grabbing wood for our woodstoves. And yes, Beth's adventure starts in just the same way.

If you're on my email list, you'll get it for free. If you're not, here's where you can sign up.

And as a gift for signing up, you can have the raw first chapter. No cover, just a PDF, directly out of my computer. It may change a bit when published, but most likely not.

Hope to see you on my list!


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