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perfume from heaven

Lilacs are quite possibly my favorite flowers.

In fact, I love them so much, I keep branches of withered lilacs in vases to remind me of the day when the lilacs will be in bloom again.

They are more popular in New England than in Old England, quite possibly, although there may be complex reasons for this. They are often known as syringa in England, and were particularly popular during the Edwardian period. But in New England, I'm not sure whether there is rhyme or reason behind the plantings. They are hardy and they bloom quite reliably. New England winters don't upset them, and they are a welcome burst of color and perfume in May, when it can still be cold and drab. It may be that they are the shrub that survives, and there might be no more reason than that. But they are everywhere, and I am thankful.


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