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Hello 2022!

9 January 2022

Do you have regular seasonal moods? I normally have a bout of the January blues, so I’m going easy on myself this year. I’m counting down the days, because I’m usually in the clear once January ends, although with the weirdness of the past couple of years I’ve been hit with a couple of brief oddball down days at random times. I’ve found that daily meditation and exercise helps me to recognize it when it arrives, and making sure that I’m kind to myself for the few days that I’m feeling low helps to chase it away.

That being said, I’m excited to talk about something I’m doing this year that is new! First of all, I’m posting a serial here of an old “drawer novel” that I wrote years ago and never published. I’ve had it evaluated by a few agents and a developmental editor, and it never did make it in the traditionally published world. Because it’s old, I don’t think I would indie publish it today unless I revised it, and I’m too busy with other projects to do the revisions…at least right now.

So I’m putting it out in its antique glory for you to enjoy! I hope to post chapters regularly since it’s already written, but I may be doing small edits as I go along, so there may be occasional delays. I want this to be as easy an experience as possible, both for myself and for you, so sign up for the blog if you want to get these chapters in your email inbox, but if you’re not keen on more inbox clutter, don’t worry about it and come visit when you have a moment of down time.

(I know there are some of you who are sensitive to swearing or cursing in your reading, so please be warned that there is indeed some salty language in this one! Not my usual thing, but it takes place in the world of diplomatic intrigue, and it would frankly be a little weird if some of these people didn’t use some “language” from time to time.)

If you are reading this on my website, the signup for the blog is not on my website. It’s on https://world.hey.com/hellofrommaya. That is my personal blog site, connected to my email provider and mostly only publicized to my newsletter readers. I do copy-paste onto my author website blog but I don’t have any kind of blog signup on my author website, so to sign up you’ll have to go to my personal blog site.

I’m working on another project that I will announce here on the blog…after I announce it to my newsletter friends, who always get the news first! Hint: it doesn’t involve reading or writing!

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