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desserts and writing

I spent a lovely weekend in New York City and was faced with the nightly dilemma of what dessert to order! Pictured above is one of my favorites, passion fruit gelato in the shape of a yuzu (a Japanese citron), with a yuzu glaze. Yes, those are chocolate crumbs and spun sugar! (If you’re curious, this was from Fine & Rare on East 37th Street, www.fineandrare.nyc.)

You could just eat a tub of ice cream with a spoon and never have this problem, but I found myself thinking about the artistry of planning such a dessert—the ingredients you would be playing with, the sudden ideas (green spun sugar!), the perfect presentation. Someone who does this for a living really cares about all of these details.

I write romances that are wordy, slow, and emotionally intense. That’s not what’s popular right now. But it comes down to “vision.” I have something in mind when I write, just like the inventor of that beautiful gelato dessert had a vision. My romances are sweet because I don’t care to get into the details of the bedroom. I write about emotions, not the physical act.

My romances aren’t for everyone. So it’s wonderful when I find people who are in the same mental space. Check out this giveaway for more writers of sweet romance. It’s running until May 7: Clean/Sweet Romance Giveaway. I hope you’ll find other authors with a “vision” that you like! Meanwhile, I’ve decided that I really, really like passion fruit gelato.

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