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I was on the floor doing yoga when I happened to turn my head and caught sight of this neglected bottom shelf of a bookcase. I was suddenly reminded that these dusty corners are clues to who I am and what I care about. These books don’t fit easily into my daily life, but maybe I need to change ...that. This summer might be a good time.

When my mom passes books down to me they can be super random. I wonder sometimes about the aspects of my mom’s brain that I obviously know nothing about, because she can read Tale of Genji one day and a fluffy romance the next. I’ve obviously inherited this from her, but it’s super weird to ...see it in cold hard print! Like looking at yourself in the mirror and suddenly realizing that…yes, there I am!

I have a number of “fancier” pens but this one is my go-to. Twsbi Eco medium nib with Diamine Moon Dust. Dark enough to look conservative, but sparkly if you care to examine it.

When the temperatures dipped down into the 40s I said oh no. My husband, the New Englander, said oh good the flowers will love it. So I went out to enjoy the daffodils. But I had to bundle up with an extra jacket 😂.

New desk arrangement! Just in time for spring. What you don’t see is the terrible Japanese essay in front of me. Ugh. Why does writing a page take me two hours?

My makeshift standing desk. And I must not be getting enough snow because I’m turning to YouTube for more. No, that’s not Gojō Satoru waving at me, nope, definitely not. #winter #newengland #AmWriting #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #healthyliving #standingdesk #newenglandliving ...#amediting #snow #snowfall #gojosatoru #jujutsukaisen

I have always loved shadows, especially really long, skinny, ghostly shadows. I used to stare at my own shadow as I walked to and from school. At those times of day, they were long and skinny like this one, except that this one was taken at 1:22 pm. What a difference latitude makes! I would never ...have guessed back in those Hawaii days that this would someday be my view. #hawaiimemories #kamaaina #shadows #winter #newengland #newenglandliving

Stole my daughter’s drawing table for a few minutes and got to work in natural light for once. It’s amazing how important the direction that your desk faces can be, especially on short winter days. Just a few minutes of not squinting and avoiding shadows really cheered me up. ☀️ 👍

A meditative cup of tea for my writing session. Organic assam from The Tea Spot. Go slow, is what I’m thinking right now. #amwriting #amediting #tea #goslow #slowproductivity #tortoisenothare #focus