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Beth from Coming Home to Greenleigh has a falling-down house, no money for groceries, and a last-ditch attempt at getting a job with a local law firm.

In an unfortunate twist of fate that same local law firm has just taken on a new managing partner, the man she jilted eight years ago, her... world is about to turn upside down.

Torn between old love and a new romance Beth has a decision to make but should she shake the dust from her feet and leave or stay and pick up the pieces from the past?

Ghost of Tomorrow follows the friendship of fifteen-year-old Beth Burnham and her cousin Charlie Davis when she discovers him in her woodshed.

Everything is not as it seems however when they realise they are 100 years apart in time and now need to make a choice: does Beth decide to live ...as a nineteenth-century teenager so that she can escape the sad, dreary reality of her twentieth-century life? Or does Charlie come forward into the future to escape the life of the factory manager that he hates?

What would you do if you could talk to an ancestor? Who would you want to meet?

May 9, 2021. The lilacs are here!
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Mother’s Day flower magic 🪄
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It’s that time of year again! Hello spring!
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Friday Reads: May 7, 2021. Two new books this week! Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, by Lisa See; Brit Bennett’s The Vanishing Half
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In 'Coming Home to Greenleigh' I think I am sending a message from some of my own life experience.

Finding yourself separate from the place you grew up, and, the people you grew up with is hard.

We aren't our parents or grandparents, and the location can sometimes... be a big part of preventing us from becoming our own person.

Breaking away from your family, your home and old traditions can allow us to grow, but knowing where we came from can also help us understand how we are and how far we have come.

The answer isn't always to ditch your past or cling to it, but something in between.

Do you feel the same?

My novel 'The portrait' is set in Bath, a place I have had the pleasure of visiting. It is a beautiful city in the UK established by the Romans, who used the area's natural hot springs to set up a spa resort.

It truly hit its stride in the 18th century, with Georgian ...architecture covering the city with golden stone townhouses, crescents and mansions. Bath is a beautiful place to visit, and its vibrant past makes it the perfect place to set a historical novel!

Have you ever visited, what was your favourite thing to do there?