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Sneak peek! Draft chapter of EVER YOUR AFFECTIONATE

3 June 2021

I'm hard at work on my next book, a Regency era historical novella. It's called Ever Your Affectionate, and is written entirely as a first-person journal. I started writing this book this spring when vaccinations became plentiful and there was a sense of optimism in the air. I'll get right back to Twelfth Night, which is a beast of a book, right after I get through this one, which is much shorter!

Just wanted to post an excerpt! Enjoy!

April 1765

My name is Lydia.
My name is Lydia.
My name is
My name is

My name is

(illegible blob)

This pen writes very ill indeed.
Or perhaps it is I who writes very ill indeed.

(more blobs)

Must. Keep. Trying.

I've mended the pen. Again. It is a bit better now.

It was my birthday and my father gave me this pocket book. I had no pen, but Marianne gave me one. Louisa did not like it that he gave me a gift, as she would rather pretend me away. She tried to say something rude, but Marianne hushed her.

I am eighteen years old today.

I have never had a book like this. It is a pocket book, many thin pages in a leather cover. I was ever so pleased. Marianne has many, and when she saw how delighted I was, she whispered that she would give me some of her unused pocket books. She did not know that I would like writing in them, as I was always an indifferent student. Louisa, of course, had to overrule Marianne, and say that she would give me her unused books as well, since she is older and about to have her Season.

I don't care who gives me books.

I am over the moon.

I heard Lady Durand talking to Louisa because Louisa was cross about the book. She told her that I was to be sent away, because it was awkward to have me around during Louisa's coming-out year. I don't know why it should be awkward. I am not pretty (although neither is Louisa). No one will notice me. But I must go where I am told. Lady Durand is not mean to me but she does not like me. Who can blame her, since I am not her daughter. She is obsessed with preparing for Louisa's first Season, I expect she would just like me to disappear so that I don't raise questions or cause shame and explanations.

Marianne is nicer to me than Louisa is. But she is younger. Perhaps she will become mean when she is older. Louisa was once kind, but she has not been nice to me ever since young Master Howard said–
​Blast! I must go now. I hear someone calling for me. If anyone were to find this book…well, I think Howard would laugh at me. He might read it out loud to mock me. I would die. But this is where I will record the thoughts that I keep in my heart. You, dear Booke, will always be my friend. And I will always be ever yours most affectionate, Lydia

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