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Joy for the Week Ahead 23 March 2020


I have a tendency to write long and this means any writing project (even an email reply or a blog post) takes a lot of time, thought, and effort.

This week I'm starting a new project, one that will be short in the moment but that I hope will be long in effect.

I'm calling it “Joy for the Week Ahead.” I'll send it out on Monday or Tuesday, a short list of things that you can reach for at the start of a week of the unknown.

I'll still be sending out regular Friday newsletters about books, reading, and writing, but my “Joy” email will include a short list of things that I've found that bring me joy and help me get started with the work I have to do this week.

Here's my list for this week:

  • Miss Fisher is on Acorn TV! You may know Miss Fisher's cozy series, first broadcast in Australia in 2011, but there is a feature film release that I've been cross about because it isn't being shown in the U.S. When I mentioned this on Instagram, however, someone reached out to tell me that it is available on Acorn TV starting TODAY! If you haven't seen any of the Miss Fisher television episodes, please take a look! (I'm referring to the original series, not “Modern Miss Fisher,” which I haven't tried yet.) Season one is available on Prime, but the subsequent seasons require an Acorn subscription. You can get a trial subscription for free if you want to test it out, however. If you love British-style television, it may be well worth your while right now.
  • Choir!Choir!Choir!. This is a wonderful duo who lead singalongs in their native Toronto (who doesn't love Canadians???) and also do tours. Their Youtube channel is so inspiring and uplifting! On Saturday 21 March they led an “epic love song social distance sing-along” via Facebook Live and Youtube. I'm sorry I missed it, but the video is so sweet, and why should we not sing just because we missed the live, right? Singing makes everyone feel better!
  • Yoga while sitting at the computer. This makes a difference. Please take care of your neck and head. I love Adrienne's yoga channel on YouTube, but I love this specific workout the most. Anyone can do this, any age or level of mobility.
  • Brene Brown podcast. This is new! It's called “Unlocking Us.” Caution, it's likely to include swearing, because Dr. Brown is so real, she often can't help herself and talks to us as if we were in her living room. I'm so looking forward to her good sense and research-based advice.
  • My local indie bookstore is doing 99-cent shipping. Do you have an independent bookstore in your area? If so, check to see if they are shipping books. My local bookstore is charging only 99 cents for shipment of orders over $10. I'll include the link if you are anywhere in their shipping area (probably the entire United States). But with libraries closed, if you need a special order or you can't stand the thought of staring at a screen for hours on end, this may be the answer. With our bookstore, you can call or email and discuss book choices and get recommendations, too. Please do support your local small businesses as much as you are able. The very character of our communities will change if the businesses that we patronize disappear.

That's it for this round! I could have kept going, actually, but at this rate it's going to be one of those long ones, and then it'll end up as procrastination from the other things I have to do today. Please stay safe, stay healthy, and reach out anytime if you are bored, stir-crazy, scared, or just plain frustrated!

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