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Fairy woods


I don't have much opportunity to get out into “real” woods in England, but I love the woods.

They smell magical.

I love long walks, as you know, but I mostly try to walk on groomed paths and rights of way. Sometimes I end up trudging across fields, but rarely through any true woodland.

We all know that certain woods are fairy woods. I can't explain it; it's something about the way the light cuts through the trees, and whether there is moss. Every year we build our Advent wreaths out of “princess pines,” the soft evergreens that we can only find in certain woody locations. The presence of these princess pines is one bit of evidence for the presence of fairies.

It's summer now, and the fireflies are dancing above the hayfields. We think they're actually fairies. We try to photograph them but alas, you cannot photograph fairies.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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