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Book review

Act Like It (London Celebrities, #1)Act Like It by Lucy Parker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I picked up this book because it was recommended by one of my favorite podcasts, NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour. I had just read a book I was disappointed in, recommended by a different podcast, so I was cranky and inclined to be critical. What a great surprise! It was such a fun read, and so unexpected! Lucy Parker is a New Zealand author, and Act Like It is the first in a series of slow-burn romances that take place in the theater and entertainment world. I loved her grumpy but gorgeous hero and her good-hearted heroine who’s just coming out of a bad workplace relationship. What is best about this book is the author’s lighthearted prose and funny commentary. I kept laughing out loud! I loved the British-isms and funny turns of phrase, as well as the frank sexiness of her characters. Heat level was perfect for me; there were a couple of really sweet love scenes but they cut to the flowers at just the right moment. And frankly, when you read a book like this with gorgeous people in an intriguing environment, you really do want to see them get together…you just don’t need them to share every single detail, right? Lucy Parker did just enough, in my opinion. And slow-burn! I love slow-burn! I’ll be buying book 2 next, stay tuned!

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