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I like to “work in public.” It’s not because I’m confident. It’s actually because I’m timid! I’ve found that I get great feedback and support when I extend myself and share my creative process as I go through it. And the best way for me to de-emphasize the big “launch” into public is to remind myself that I’ve been in public all along.

I’ve always been fascinated by the nature of the creative process. I’m a musician and photographer as well as a writer, and I see the threads of the creative process in every field, even law, medicine, politics, journalism…everywhere I look, in fact. All of us are trying to leave a lasting legacy. No one wants to feel that we will be forgotten the moment we leave this earth.

And yet, it’s terrifying. Everyone is a critic. Everyone has an opinion. It’s enough to make an artist want to hide. So I’m determined not to hide. And with your help, I’ll keep creating, and I’ll get better at giving you the fictional world of dreams that you want to visit.

I wrote Twelfth Night as part of a flash fiction challenge. It should have been 500 words! It’s now 30,000 words. It’s not finished because I needed to move forward with my second novel, and this fun “challenge” was getting in my way! But I decided to offer it as a gift to my followers. You all help to give me courage, and you all help to make me better at my work. If you enjoy it, drop me a line and let me know! This is actually 30,000 words from the middle of the book, but I know the beginning and I know the ending! So it’s a completed novel in my head, at least!

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